Active holidays Montenegro.

Active holidays Montengro. Adventure in Europe, Walking, biking, snorkeling and so much more.

While enjoying and taking rest in our apartments during the day you can visit and enjoy Montenegro as a wild beauty, beautiful sight scene and much more.

One day excursions by car, bike, hiking or a kayaking  SUPkayak ((Stand Up Paddling) rental)

Herceg Novi – Trebinje/Dubrovnik

herceg novi by bike, walking, hiking, by kayak SUP board
Herceg Novi, Clock tower

Old town of Herceg Novi

12km from our house.

To visit it you can go by

  • car,
  • public transport (every 30min. by local bus; 1 EUro/Person),
  • by bike along the seaside way and walking.

Trebinje or Dubrovnik


The same day you can visit Trebinje or Dubrovnik who is approx. 60km from us. There you can enjoy the similar architectural scenery as Herceg Novi or any Mediterranean ambient but surrounded by mountains.


arza herceg novi izlet aktivni turizam
Arza and Fort Mamula

Magical Lustica peninsula is becoming a synonymy for a elite tourism in Montenegro with Lustica bay on the one side and on the other side still charismatic living past with a local villages on the way to beach Vesla, Arza, Mirista, Zanjic, old fisherman village Rose and Krasici. From the beach Zanjic you can take a boat tour to the Blue cave (Plava Spilja). Beach and Fort Arza are idealistic place for snorkeling and paddling.

Kotor – Lovćen -Cetinje -Rijeku Crnojevića – skadarsko jezero – Bar

rijeka crnojevica skadarsko jezero aktivni turizam
Old bridge over the river Crnojevića

Adventure by car for one day or more.
Be ready for this one. In one day you can enjoy so many beautiful landscapes that the external battery and cards for the camera is a must have.
Starting with the old town of Kotor who is during the summer season rushed with the tourists with a bag packs or from the cruise ship. Enjoy fast and come back once again later on and hike the city walls of Kotor for a markable view over the Kotor and Boka Bay. After visiting Kotor continue the adventure with the old AustroHungarian serpentine road to Lovcen mausoleum and the Old Royal capital Cetinje. After the Cetinje experience continue to rijeka Crnojevica, Virpazar along the Skadar lake and down to Ulcinj or directly from Virpazar to Bar.

Nikšić – Durmitor – Žabljak

durmitor bobotov kuk climb the top by foot. Hiking durmitor
Bobotov Kuk 2523 m. Durmitor

Bobotov Kuk it is the highest peak on the Durmitor mountain. This trip is still an unique experience for the hikers and the driving fans. Feel the true freedom when you reach the mountains high. Relax, life is beautiful! Feel it!

Durmitor driving

Tara rafting

In the agency for the small amount of money you can arrange everything. Be sure that it will be crowded.

Cycling to  Kotor

kotor hiking
Road to Kotor

When crossing the ferry(1euro) continue left to Kotor. Along the way there are a plenty of restaurants, beaches and relaxing spots. This route can be easily walked by foots and it last at least 3 hours with the lunch breaks and swim refreshments. Highly recommanded if you are a Boka lover.

SUPkayak ((Stand Up Paddling)rental)

SUP rentals boka bay montenegro
SUP Rentals

Active, adventure holidays in Montenegro

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