Djenovici Holidays in Montenegro 2022. Short and long term vacation apartments rental

Djenovići Montenegro 2022 short and long term holidays. Vacation rental. What to see and do. What are the prices for this season? Is it family friendly?

Question and answers about Djenovici Montenegro.

What to see, what to do? Sports, family friendly vacations in Montenegro? Why visit Djenovici and for who is?

The view over djenovici in Montenegro on the seaside with old stone houses
Djenovici Montenegro

Welcome to the page about the Djenovici. Here find all relevant info about the place for the first-timers.

Djenovici Then and Now!

Accommodation in Djenovici? short term vacation apartments rental?

We offer you family friendly fully furnished studio apartments two minutes walking from the beach with free parking and wifi.

Triplle bed short term studio apartment rental djenovici montenegro
Studio apartment for rent with the balcony

What to see and what things to do in Djenovici?

The Church of St. Spiridon, built in 1867.
The Church of St. Stefan – a valuable collection of icons and doors of the church, the work of Peter and George Rafailovic from the eighteenth century are kept in the church. Spiridon.
The Church of St. Simeon Stolpnika – builted around 1600
The Church of St. Nikole (Nicholas) XIX century

Top things to do while in Djenovici:


Jogging, running;
Local promenade along to the sea is ideal for running, walking … especially in the morning hours.
From Djenovici you can walk till the ferry in Kamenari (approx 8km) or on the opposite direction to the Igalo(16km) (all the time along the seaside).


djenovici montenegro hiking and the panoramic view over the djenovici and the Kotor bay
Hiking in Djenovici and view over the bay. This is just a halfway(30min. walking from the apartment)

You can hike up the hill over Djenovici. There you can enjoy fantastic panoramic view over the Boka bay and the fresh air. The direction road is  marked and you need aprox. half an hour to the first church.

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Basketball, football: in the central part of Djenovici there is a basketball court.
Every afternoon people join their forces to keep the sport still alive. No mater do you speak English, Russian, Norwegian or any other language you will be apart of the team, no excuse for losers.

Water polo:

2 full size water polo polls.

Cycling in Montenegro:

Cycling in Montenegro top routes along the sea side and perast kotor herceg novi
Cycling in Montenegro

Local promenade is beginning in Igalo and crossing Djenovici on the way to Kamenari. There you can take ferry and go to the old town of Kotor.(you need to pay 1 Euro/one direction for crossing the ferry to Lepetane) So it is around 40km of cycling route along the sea. But keep in mind that after 7 in the evening  promenade is forbidden for cars with good reason. People with kids are walking.  But you can ride the magistral road if you prefer to avoid the crowd.


Ask at the reception of hotel “Milena”

Where and what to eat in Djenovici? Are the restaurants any good?

seafood restaurants in montenegro djenovici
Seafood restaurants with fresh fish dishes

In Djenovici you can choose and find really good restaurants. The most of them have daily menu. The food is mostly organic even tho no one will mention it because that is absolutely normal in Montenegrin cuisine. But anyway ask  the waiter in the restaurant for the local food advice’s.  Fish and meat products are mainly offered.
Vegan restaurants…
Find more about Montenegro what to see, do, eat

By night?

Local restaurants and cafe bars on the promenade  have live Mediterranean music in the evening time. Djenovici are mostly for peaceful holiday so don’t expect some crazy fun like in Prcanj.

Holidays with kids in Djenovici? Children’s playground:

On some private beaches you can find kids playgrounds “Metal wing seats etc” and since 2016 you have public one next to the basket court in the city centre.

Pet friendly? Pet friendly holidays?

No rules about it but most of the restaurants have no problem with the pets. In 2017 New law came to action who is not allowing the dogs out of the leash on the public spaces.

Beaches in Djenovici? Pictures please!

Beaches are cleaning twice per day, there are no showers on the public beaches, sandy beaches are mostly suitable for the disabled persons.

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Water fun?

Canoes, pedal boats … you can rent in a few places in Djenovici. Or rent a stand up paddle here!!!

Shopping in Djenovici? Is there a place and where to buy a fresh groceries?

Groceries, toys, souvenirs and other things you can buy along the promenade . The renting boats with or without skipper can be found via recommendation (everyone knows someone or have a boat), windsurf boards you can  rent in a few places, sailboat sailings can be organized as well …
ATM machine is next to the IDEA market.

Boat excursions:

daily to the Porto Montenegro, islands of Perast, and beach Zanjic. Two language promo posters with more information’s you can find on the very visible places/spots.Bus Excursions Daily to: Monastry Ostrog, Skadar Lake, Trebinje, Dubrovnik .. Look for ice cream stands, buy the tickets 🙂 and get more info. If you decide to go on your own to Dubrovnik (a bit cheaper ver.). From the bus station in Herceg Novi there is a morning departure to Split (around 9) and return afternoon (about 3 and a half). It is no worth of calling the bus station if you don’t speak Serbian/Montenegrin/Bosnian/Croatian. More about the attractions in the surrounding and what to see.

Pharmacies, clinics, emergencies :
The nearest pharmacy is in Baosici, clinic in Meljine and Bijela, emergency hospital in the Herceg Novi.

I want to Rent a car in Djenovici. Is there an agency and what is the price?

In Djenovici there are two agencies but greater choice is in Herceg Novi, Zelenika and cheapest is in the capital of Montenegro “the great and only Podgorica” previous name Titograd.