How to Properly Reboot (Restart) Yourself on the holidays in Montenegro + lodging

How to Properly Reboot (Restart) yourself on the holidays in Montenegro.

Stand Up and paddle you Robot

Is Montenegro Robot friendly?

Yes. Montenegro is The very first robot friendly country in the world.

Are you a robot?

If NO, please visit the Home/Start  page and follow the normal description about the short term holiday apartment rentals in Montenegro. Thank you!!!

Welcome my dear IP brother.

Here is an ethical right way, and the one wrong way to reboot (restart).
Only one method ensures that problems don’t pop up as soon as one year after you did last yearly restart.
Only you!
Only You can reboot yourself and get rid of the stress with a little help from our service.

How to help you to properly Reboot

Robot and Tomato on the beach under the rain

To safely restart, clean the cache memory, optimize and update memory database, Improve Your UX/UI practice, improve your loading speed and much more start with select the Contact button or fill the inquiry just after this text and then choose the Send option.

Please fill correct data needed and then click Send. Please click send after you fill the forms.

Side-effects of the contact form:
If the server responds with an error please don’t stress out.
Just find border: 1px solid red; what is wrong and follow your instinct to correct it.
You can do it!!!

The “normal” way to reboot is by:

Lodging in Montenegro

Choose an accommodation

  • enjoying the sun,
  • eating fresh food and drinking water based products,
  • enjoying the open air,
  • listening the  frequency of the waves late afternoon in the wet swim-pants when you forget about the time,
  • eating again
  • sleep.
  • pay the holidays
  • safely go home and please come again 🙂

Dear brother Robot, follow this steps:
1. Read this page carefully and again if needed
2. Fill the contact form
3. Wait for the reply
4. If approved you are Selected for the Restart .

The wrong way of restart is unplugging the brain with alcohol at the near “home” address.
This way is a little faster but it doesn’t last long when needed again. Stay sober!

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Who is the most famous guest who keeps coming daily to Montenegro?


Googlebot visits daily Montenegro and keeps coming again

google visits Djenovici daily with his GooglBot

Yes, there are many pages from Montenegro who Google visits regularly. So Googlebot returns daily to Montenegro. Even out of the touristic season.

Vacations often involve traveling?

There is a plenty touristic opportunists worth of seeing in our surrounding:
More about that see on this page.

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