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Roadmap via Bosnia

Road map from Serbia to Montenegro via Bosnia

Direction from Serbia:
Užice – Mokra Gora -entering  Bosnia: Višegrad – Goražde – Gacko – Trebinje (road signs Herceg Novi) – Crna Gora Meljine – roundabout ( take 3rd exit) –  Zelenika- Kumbor -Đenovići.

After 15km from the city center of Uzice follow the road signs to Mokra Gora or Visegrad.
be careful while driving through Mokra Gora beacuse of possible landslide on the road.

Driving in Bosnia:
Green card for the car. Lights ON!
follow the road signs rules and speed limit (have change in 5 or 10 euros in the case Police stops you and says that you headlamps are off) Be awere even tho that is open road speed limit is 50 🙂 there is always police control.
Official valuate is KM (convertible mark) but most of the places they accept Euro but not the metal change, from 5 Euros you will have no problems.
0.50 Euros you need to pay for crossing the national park Mokra gora
3 Euros the road from Trebinje to Herceg Novi
While you are traveling trough Bosnia enjoy the landscapes and delicious fresh fish  in restaurants in Trebinje.
Border crossing

before starting the journey it is advisable that you check out road condition on the pages of AMSS (Serbian lang.)



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